Saturday, February 27, 2010

A decal on my wall

Hey ladies!

Sorry for the gap, work and going out at night has tired me out! But just wanted to do a quick update on this new wall decal I got for my room, super cute only $13!

It came with lil rhinestones, so I placed them on the candles at the top, and the little dangling crystals at the bottom. I love it, my dad thought I had painted my wall lol.

Also, my lil sis who is 15 is doing a pageant today so fingers crossed and prayers for her success! Well, that's all for now, hope you chicas have an amazin weekend! Let me know what your're doing! I know this is a fashion and beauty blog, but I'm interested in your nonfashionandbeauty related lives too lol.

Quick rundown of products: LA colors pink eyeshadow, almay liner, and liquid liner on top I forgot the brand, and almay mascara.


  1. Hey Hun, I'm your new follower and I love your blog so far..I'm new to the blogging world so please check out my blog and follow me back please..!! xoxo ~Londyn

  2. my nieces were in a pageant that day too! are you in the ft. lauderdale area? one of my nieces got miss photogenic. so proud of her!

    i'm now a follower of your blog. please feel free to follow me back.

  3. fab- thank u girlie! will do ;]

    muse- thank u, I'll follow u too! I live in MD, but yeah I had fun watching lol I could never be up on that stage though! congrats to your niece!

  4. Aleeeeee! Where did you get that decal??