Saturday, February 27, 2010

A decal on my wall

Hey ladies!

Sorry for the gap, work and going out at night has tired me out! But just wanted to do a quick update on this new wall decal I got for my room, super cute only $13!

It came with lil rhinestones, so I placed them on the candles at the top, and the little dangling crystals at the bottom. I love it, my dad thought I had painted my wall lol.

Also, my lil sis who is 15 is doing a pageant today so fingers crossed and prayers for her success! Well, that's all for now, hope you chicas have an amazin weekend! Let me know what your're doing! I know this is a fashion and beauty blog, but I'm interested in your nonfashionandbeauty related lives too lol.

Quick rundown of products: LA colors pink eyeshadow, almay liner, and liquid liner on top I forgot the brand, and almay mascara.

Tuesday, February 16, 2010

RUE 21 HAUL (I don't like that word ughh)

Whats up y'all, I'm baccckkkk!

I was in North Carolina for the weekend, and it was a luvely lil escape. Traffic was smooth pretty much both ways, and I found several country boyz to fawn over for when I go back in April. (BBQ boy and Food Lion boy, I'm commin for u rawrr) lol. NC is where my dad is from so we go out there to visit from time to time, and every year for Easter! On the way there I always like to keep my eyes open for the Petersburg and Tappahanock (I know I butchered that word) exits in VA because maybe just maybe Chris Brown and Trey Songz will be hangin out there. LOL. I swear I'm not a stalker hehe okayy enough ramblin, on to the haul.......

Right after work I felt the need to shop, so my mom and I rode over to Rue 21 and I got some amazin bargains, let's go!

Okay, so that is what I bought and here's the best part.... EVERYTHING WAS $3, THE PURSE WAS $2, AND THE FISHNETS OVER THE KNEE SOX WERE $1 Yayy! I am soo pumped. I love sales love love love them! Any questions about any of the clothes just let me know dahlinss! muahhhh I'm off, lotsa luv ;]

Thursday, February 11, 2010


Gorgeous girlz!

Thank you to my new followers for followin! You don't know how pumped that makes me lol. But okay onwardd.

Do not buy makeup (I mean fakeup) from a place that sells mini donuts, chicken, fish, lemonade, pornos, and dvd's that haven't even been released yet all in one! By reading this I'm asking myself "what was I thinking?" So newayz my cousin and I were walking along and I, heartbroken and depressed from a horrible breakup, spot MAC makeup. I get so excited because these were like 2 for $35! Fucc yeah! You couldn't tell me nuthin, I got an incredible bargain lmao.

I go home, open these up, take a closer look anddddd

(excuse the quality hadta do it quick so I used my phone, and plz excuse my wardrobe lmao it's bedtime ladies)**

So as you can see these suck! The consistency of one is like of something from the dollar store stuck into a MAC container ughh. That's my MAC blunder. Thought it would give yall a laugh at my gullibility lol.

****I will be out of town without my laptop until Monday, so to all of you I wish you a happy Valentines day, and those who are single (like myself), treat urself to somethin nice. I plan on doing some damage at lush and forever 21 =p****

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Wednesday, February 10, 2010


Hello luvs

I live on the upper East coast, and currently we are being pummeled with a HUGE blizzard. Like a foot of snow over top of the 30 inches we recieved two days ago. It is so bad that we can't go to work (ohh noo cries lol), and it is illegal to be on the road today. ILLEGAL! So I decided to go out and play like the lil 5 yeard old that I am and this is I gues my first OOTD: SNOW EDITION!

I am wearing:

**Coat by xoxo
**Miley Cyrus/Max Azria zip leggings
**Colorful fun leg warmers
**Rainbow rocker boots

Okay ladies have a wonderful evening!

Monday, February 8, 2010

A tale of two tanks....

Hello girlies!

I was browsing the forever 21 website at work, LUSTING over the cute shyt they have and I came across a tank that looked familiar. It's a sqeuined racerback tank. I got this same exact tank from WAL MART. (I know, I know but seriously it's soo cute from the miley cyrus line!) The only difference is mine is white and f21's is pink. The pic is showing a black one, but it's the only one on the website. At Wal Mart, this tank came in white (the one I have), black, and turquoise I believe. The one on the left is from f21 and the one of the right is from Wal Mart. I bought mine for $8 and the one at f21 is like $23. Hmm....
Tha's all for now ladies! <3>

Tuesday, February 2, 2010

Cute tiger like tights

Hey luvlies!

Went to fashion bug yesterday and picked up the cutest pair of tights! They were buy one get one free so two for $10.50 amazin! Fashion bug used to have junior sizes, but they don't anymore so I just go in with my mom when she wants to pay off her charge card. I look at shoes and they have really cute jewelry. But anywayz onto the tightz, lemme know what ya think!