Tuesday, February 16, 2010

RUE 21 HAUL (I don't like that word ughh)

Whats up y'all, I'm baccckkkk!

I was in North Carolina for the weekend, and it was a luvely lil escape. Traffic was smooth pretty much both ways, and I found several country boyz to fawn over for when I go back in April. (BBQ boy and Food Lion boy, I'm commin for u rawrr) lol. NC is where my dad is from so we go out there to visit from time to time, and every year for Easter! On the way there I always like to keep my eyes open for the Petersburg and Tappahanock (I know I butchered that word) exits in VA because maybe just maybe Chris Brown and Trey Songz will be hangin out there. LOL. I swear I'm not a stalker hehe okayy enough ramblin, on to the haul.......

Right after work I felt the need to shop, so my mom and I rode over to Rue 21 and I got some amazin bargains, let's go!

Okay, so that is what I bought and here's the best part.... EVERYTHING WAS $3, THE PURSE WAS $2, AND THE FISHNETS OVER THE KNEE SOX WERE $1 Yayy! I am soo pumped. I love sales love love love them! Any questions about any of the clothes just let me know dahlinss! muahhhh I'm off, lotsa luv ;]


  1. WHOA! You got some amazing deals!

    Haul is an odd word to use, but it got stuck in my brain. lol Blame the Internet.

  2. that word.... it reminds me of a donkey for some reason lmao

    but thanx i was so excited at the register!

  3. Hehe aren't cupcakes wonderful? Especially cute cupcakes! I always get a kick out of seeing my sister's creations :)

    OMG I love seeing clothing hauls.. seeing all the stuff you got makes me wanna shop!!! I adore zebra print stuff!!

  4. Hahaha, you're so silly, girl. Thank you for the birthday wish to my mom. She really had a great night having the b-day dinner with me. It's weird because usually she doesn't even let anyone take a picture of her. But that night, she let it happen PLUS she smiled so huge showing off her teeth (which she never does!!)

  5. Absolutely love your blog ! I write for a fashion blog and think that you should follow it- enrapturenow.blogspot.com