Wednesday, February 10, 2010


Hello luvs

I live on the upper East coast, and currently we are being pummeled with a HUGE blizzard. Like a foot of snow over top of the 30 inches we recieved two days ago. It is so bad that we can't go to work (ohh noo cries lol), and it is illegal to be on the road today. ILLEGAL! So I decided to go out and play like the lil 5 yeard old that I am and this is I gues my first OOTD: SNOW EDITION!

I am wearing:

**Coat by xoxo
**Miley Cyrus/Max Azria zip leggings
**Colorful fun leg warmers
**Rainbow rocker boots

Okay ladies have a wonderful evening!


  1. Hey girl! Thanks for coming by my blog (: anyway you have a cute blog here as well! yeah those dog purses are outa this world hehe. anyway aah i hope it doesn't snow here anytime soon! i hate the cold =/

  2. I also live on the east coast and I haven't been to school all week. I was enjoying the snow at first but now I'm ready for it to be over.

  3. the max azria collection is pretty badass!

  4. ur welcome! I love the cold, I'm like a winter baby ;] and used to it livin here!

    blkprincess: ohmahgosh I only been to work for one day! I feel bad callin out, but there's nuthin u can do when ur cars buried in 500 ft of snow lol

    bombchell: yess! -daps- I luv it and now they have shirts and stuff on sale for like 3 dollars!

  5. it finally stopped! now everyone can come out of hibernation

  6. I love your jacket where did you get it?