Thursday, February 11, 2010


Gorgeous girlz!

Thank you to my new followers for followin! You don't know how pumped that makes me lol. But okay onwardd.

Do not buy makeup (I mean fakeup) from a place that sells mini donuts, chicken, fish, lemonade, pornos, and dvd's that haven't even been released yet all in one! By reading this I'm asking myself "what was I thinking?" So newayz my cousin and I were walking along and I, heartbroken and depressed from a horrible breakup, spot MAC makeup. I get so excited because these were like 2 for $35! Fucc yeah! You couldn't tell me nuthin, I got an incredible bargain lmao.

I go home, open these up, take a closer look anddddd

(excuse the quality hadta do it quick so I used my phone, and plz excuse my wardrobe lmao it's bedtime ladies)**

So as you can see these suck! The consistency of one is like of something from the dollar store stuck into a MAC container ughh. That's my MAC blunder. Thought it would give yall a laugh at my gullibility lol.

****I will be out of town without my laptop until Monday, so to all of you I wish you a happy Valentines day, and those who are single (like myself), treat urself to somethin nice. I plan on doing some damage at lush and forever 21 =p****

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  1. lol. NEVER buy MAC unless it's from MAC, Macy's, etc.

  2. I know I suck lol. Butt a lesson learned!

  3. Aw sorry the quality sucks - but the container is SO cute! I would've bought just to have the cute Hello Kitty casing :)

  4. Aww, that sucks! Some lessons you gotta learn the hard way, hun. I hope you have a wonderful V-Day, and there's NO reason to get depressed over a boy. You're too pretty for that sort of thing! :)

  5. Sophia** lol yeah it is pretty cute casing, I should put it in my makeup bag just to make it look like im a ballerr with hk MAC haha ;]

    glittery** thank u hun. I ended up havin a nice vday with the fam. They fed me good in NC!

  6. oh dear. i feel bad for you. better luck next time! :)