Wednesday, August 11, 2010

Itsa Mario!!!!

Hey girlz

Just wanted to make a quick *eye candy* post featuring none other then Mario Lopez! Slater from Saved by the bell duhh! Ehh, he does some other stuff too, but he's most memorable as AC SLATER! I saw him at our local farm fair, ha we are country as shyt out these parts ahaha. But, I cut to the front of the line and papparatzied the shytt out of him. He's so hott *faints. There was a huge long line forming to get pics with him soo my mom, babez and I got in it and stood there for like 500 hours and finallyyy we were at the front. and GUESS WHAT HOMEBOY DOES?!?! he exits. They were like "that's all", he has prior engagements. I was heated but then I got over it after an ice cream cone to calm me down. But nonetheless, he's a hottie and at least I have photo proof that I took myself of his epic hotness. btw: he smiled at me and I was like yeah, you know what it is. lmao sike jk

Here's some cute baby piggies and their moma awwwww

Me and goatee lol.

Have a nice day :D <3