Wednesday, March 3, 2010

New hurrrr! *

Hey luvs

Just wanted to show my new hairdo. I got longer extensions, there's a lot of red streaks but my room is dark and you can't see them (2 bulbs blew ughh) so I'll prob have to post more pics during the day haha so ghetto I know.

Yeah, I'm luvin the length! Hope everyones week is going amazingly! <3

EDIT: I just realized how rough this looks lmao. Looks like I just woke up haha. I promise I just got my hurr did lol. Let's try again!

Okay, much better. Now, you can see what I'm talkin about, minus the wild hotmess. hehe.


  1. Alee I LOVE the new hair!! It falls in just the right way, and has a nice wave to it. I like the 2nd photo the best ^_^ Hmm seeing your hair makes me want to get bangs..... "she bangs! she bangs!" LOL

  2. lol thank you hun! You should get bangs! It'd look soo cute, and they never go out of style!