Saturday, March 13, 2010

I adore Pin Curls!

Hey ladies, Happy Saturday!

So, I just wanted to show ya'll a quick method for loose wavy, curly hair. And guess what? No heat required!!!! I love that, bcuz I wear extensions, and I hate how it looks when I curl them and the ends look fried ughh. But, newayz it's called pin curls. My hairdresser taught me how to do them, and after a lot of practice it ended up being my favorite hairstyle for going out, or even work! Let's go!

First, use metallic pins (or bobby pins, but I find them harder to use) and use your finger to roll a 2 in section of hair into a donut like circle. Please excuse my duck robe and lack of makeup, it's bedtime lol.

Then, secure your donut circle (lmao wtf) tightly against your head using the pin.

Do this all over your head, until you have pins everywhere and look a hot damn mess! ;]

Wrap your hair in a satin scarf or satin bonnet, then go to bed! haha

When you wake up take the pins out and, v'oila! beautiful loose wavy hair that lasts all day.

I didn't even use hairspray and mine stayed in. YAYY! Let me know if you guyz try it out and luv it! And this was after all day, it has loose waves at the ends. ;]

Okay, I'm off to haul my sister around for the day lol. It is rainin it's butt off here! Good for me, I love rainy days <3


  1. I use to do this all the time when I wore extensions. It's a easy way to have nice curly hair without all the effort.

  2. yupp and without all the fried ends!

  3. hmm I will try it again but last time I tried this I ended up with a big frizzy mess lol I suck at doing my hair!

  4. lol aww it took me a while until I got it down, just keep practicin! You may want to use got2b smoothing lustre lotion before you begin, that may help a lot!

  5. thanks for the tip I'll try it out and keep at it - when I won't be going out so no-one see's the failures lol