Tuesday, May 4, 2010

Im Back ;]


I know it has been a while, hopefully y'all remember me a lil? But shytz been CRAZY! Ughh, so I had major ex drama which ends up in me being stuck with a $533.70 phone bill ;[ and I have been feelin a lil alone lately. Most of my friends are guyz and as soon as a piece of azz comes their way they forget all about u. Soo, I just have been observing everyone on here and it seems like everyone is soo friendly with each other. I hope to make some good friends through my blog, I think that'll cheer me up ! ;]

Newayz I have done some shopping a lil bit.

I bought Elf's defining eye brush, concealer brush, and Elf hypershine gloss in flirt. I also bought the lipstick in pink lemonade (not pictured) but it was a lil too dark for me. My fave is Elf's baby lips! It is soo pretty and it smells minty yumm. I haven't tried the new products, I'll let yall know once I do though ;]

Okay and I also purchased the highly talked about ecotools 6 piece eye brush set. Haven't opened it yet, but I do believe that is what my first review will be on! Does anybody have these brushes?

And lastly, shoes under. I'm a big sucker for the "as seen on tv" items so I could NOT resist! They were buy one get one free at Walgreens so I got two for $10 yayy!

At work ;x that's why I couldn't rotate the pic. Oh, and FOTD: Nothing lol I am truely too lazy in the morning to put on makeup. Just cherry chapstik ughh I know, I know lol. But newayz, I'm off to go do some college stuff, IM GOING BACK TO SCHOOL! I am goin to get my bachelors, I've already gotten my AA, hopefully it won't take too long. I'm going to be commenting you ladies tonight, I've been reading your blogs at work, just it won't let me comment here. Have a lovely day! ;] <3

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  1. How cute are you? EcoTools brushes=love. I have them! And I've reviewed them on Clumps. ;)